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Hand Rejuvenation

Do Your Hands Give Away Your Age?

Frequently the focus of cosmetic improvement is the face. Hands, which are one of the most "tell tale" signs of ageing are often ignored. Features typical to aging hands are several-fold and present to different degrees. As we age, the skin of the back of the hands becomes thinner and flecked with brown spots. Losing plumpness and firmness, our hands begin to reveal tendons and joint protrusions. In addition to looking more skeletal, color changes brought about by the darkness of veins can often give a bruised and battered look to our hands. These changes on hands occur, besides due to the natural process of aging, from their extensive unprotected use and sun exposure.

Despite the fact that our hands spend a lot of time in the "driver's seat" wrapped around a steering wheel, few of us remember to put sunscreen on them. While hand creams and sunscreens are a good first line of defense, they are not enough.

Unlike hand creams and sunscreens, rejuvenation treatments produce dramatic results by restoring the hands to a youthful appearance. The key to success in hand rejuvenation is to decide what anatomic features contribute to the aging look, decide which interventions are needed and in what sequence. Some of these interventions address the aging skin, while others restore volume or eliminate the unsightly veins to improve the wasted and skeletal look.

Sclerotherapy for Arm and Hand Vein Removal

As hand veins can be extremely useful for any future intravenous access (hospitalization and surgery), hand and arm vein reduction or elimination should seldom be the first line of treatment to hide blue hand veins. Most often hand veins fade into the background with proper filling.

During an arm vein removal procedure, when desired and necessary for cosmetic improvement, a careful choice has to be made to decide which hand-and-arm veins stay and which veins go. Please read our blog Arm and hand vein removal. Dr. R. Dishakjian, the vein surgeon at the center, uses sclerotherapy to successfully get rid of these vein. The results are impressive. See the photos posted below. During sclerotherapy, a sclerosing solution is injected into the vein through a micro-needle. The tiny needles generally cause very little pain. The sclerosing solution causes the vein to blanch (turn white) and gradually disappear. A typical hand and arm vein reduction or elimination session may last for 15 to 20 minutes and consists of multiple injections.


Hand Vein Sclerotherapy Removal


Hand Veins Treated with Sclerotheray

Treatments to Restore the Youth of Aging Hand Skin

No matter which of the following cosmetic procedures are chosen, your hands will need to be protected from future sun damage by regular use of sun protection. Consistent use of sunscreens will significantly prolong your improvements. Dermaceutical medical grade serums provide additional anti-aging support.

Retin-A and Glycolic Acid Derivatives - Topical applications of Retin-A and glycolic acid derivatives can repair sun-damaged skin and cause "age" spots to fade. Moreover, they stimulate the production of collagen.

Microdermabrasion - Microdermabrasion is a superficial skin polishing that improves the appearance of aging skin. The results are immediate. Maintenance treatments are required. More about microdermabrasion.

Chemical Peel - Depending on your skin type and the desired results, your physician may recommend a superficial, medium or deep chemical peel. Your surgeon will select the proper chemical or mix of chemicals (glycolic acid, Jessner, TCA or trichloroacetic acid or carbolic acid) and apply the solution to various areas of skin. More about chemical peel.

Laser Skin Resurfacing - Lasers give your doctor precise control as the procedure gently removes the damaged skin or "age" spots to reveal smooth, fresher-looking hands. Spots are removed in a precise, rapid, bloodless fashion achieving excellent results. Laser hand rejuvenation is performed with local anesthesia. More about Sun and age spots removal.

Skin Excess Correction - The excess skin of the top hand can be taken up through some small incisions, or by the skin-shrinking capacity of the Titan laser, which Dr. Dishakjian uses frequently for this purpose.

IPL Treatment - The treatment is very useful for clearing away sun damage, such as age spots, sun spots, liver spots, etc. Unsightly veins and dark "age" spots are gently removed through short bursts of laser light. More about IPL Treatment.


Hand Age Spot Removal with IPL Photo-rejuvenation

Volume Replenishment

Replacing the volume loss with a dermal-filler is not a "new" procedure. When fillers are injected into the hands they plump up the skin and the depressions between the tendons and veins are refilled. Both the bony appearance and the vein prominences (and the dark color of the veins) are reduced and your hands become softer and fuller with youthful appearance. Utilizing the appropriate filler for you, your doctor will inject it under the treated area. The simple out-patient procedure is performed under local anesthesia in the physician's office. Following the procedure, patients may return back to daily activities. Bruised sites may be covered with a concealer. Volume replenishment is most frequently performed with either fat grafting or synthetic fillers, such as Radiesse and Sculptra Aesthetic.

Fat Grafting - Fat cells taken from other parts of your body are transplanted to your hands to fill up the top of the hand from the wrist to the mid fingers. This is the gold standard, but the staying power of fat is debatable. More about fat grafting.

Radiesse and Sculptra Aesthetic - You may opt for the instant results of Radiesse or choose the collagen stimulator Sculptra, which over time promotes your own collagen as the "filler". While all of the hyaluron-based injectable fillers (e.g., Restylane, Juvaderm) are extremely well tolerated, their effects are too short-term on hands. Radiesse, and Sculptra Aesthetic; on the other hand, wear well in the hands, and provide a cushion replacement, maintaining a soft, natural feel. Results typically last 1 - 3 years. Touch up treatments may be necessary to maintain desired correction. More about dermal fillers.


Hand Rejuvenation for Hiding Veins with Radiesse Filler - Before and After Photos


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